Members Support Health Fair Season

Whenever the call has gone out for members of the UMV MRC to help with health fairs, they have responded in force. Not only has this practice allowed members to keep their skills sharp and get to know their comrades-in-medicine, each event brings the MRC to a new audience. Thus there is a growing and positive awareness within the general public this year about the Upper Merrimack Valley unit.

Among the first events of the season was the Tyngsboro Health Fair on April 30.
Members were
primarily needed for the Lion's medical bus, which offered screenings for vision and hearing, and required help with checking each visitor's medical status.


Rita Bixby monitors the blood pressure and oxygen saturation readings for a visitor to the community eye mobile.
Donna Harrill served at a blood pressure clinic in a busy Chelmsford office.

There was also a call for help at a blood pressure clinic in Chelmsford on May 5.

The Westford Health Fair on June 11 required the greatest number of members at a single event, and drew from the widest variety of backgrounds, each of whom provided a unique and special service for visitors. Members included RNs, LPNs, EMTs, a pharmacist, and a non-medical support provider.

James McAlpine, EMT-B, and Mary Peterson, RN, staffed the MRC information table.


The services they offered ranged from tetanus boosters, processing forms at a skin cancer screening booth, answering questions at the MRC station, and taking blood pressures and pulses. (For variety, one member even pitched in for a while to help fill helium balloons!)

Jeanne Cronis helped with the skin cancer screenings, while her husband Phil took blood pressures at another booth.




Pauline Ray, RN, was on hand as the fair opened, to provide tetanus boosters.


In the process, members were able to get better acquainted under relaxed circumstances. Lindsey Price, one of the RNs of the group, remarked enthusiastically that "Everything about the MRC is so professional. I'm impressed!"


Tom Teller, Lindsey Price, Debbie Williams, Denise Stone, and Yain Lu staffed the blood pressure station.

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