Recruitment Drive Puts MRC in Local Media

News organizations have been extremely helpful in announcing the launch of the Upper Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corps. It seems that everywhere you look, there's another placement for the new MRC!

Sue Rosa, RN (left) and Connie Mead (right, program host), on the set after taping a cable TV broadcast for Channel 8 on Sept. 8, where they introduced the MRC through Chelmsford TeleMedia.

Two cable stations filmed half-hour broadcasts for the MRC on Sept. 8. On Chelmsford TeleMedia Channel 8, "Health Styles" program host Connie Mead interviewed Sue Rosa, RN, who was one of the first members to join the unit on June 30.

In addition to being a public health nurse for the towns of Chelmsford and Westford, Rosa is also a long-term Chelmsford resident. "With two jobs and four kids, I wouldn't be able to join a group that demanded large, regular commitments of my time," said Rosa. "But the MRC is an organization where you can get your training up front and be on call," which she explained makes options for service far more feasible. Producers agreed to air the program four times over the following weeks, along with continuous meeting notices.

Lowell's LTC program on Channel 10 includes an interview with Senator Steve Panagiotakos. The Senator had written a letter of endorsement for the grant that made a local MRC possible, so he went on-air to explain why he felt there was such a compelling need for an MRC in this region. The program is airing extensively through October 4, with regular "bulletin board" announcements on channels 8 and 10.

George Anthes (left) is host of the WCAP morning drive show on TalkRadio 980 AM in Lowell, which devoted a half hour of prime program time on Sept. 14 to the MRC. Co-host John McDonough is holding one of the Upper Merrimack Valley posters that announces Information Sessions throughout the region.

WCAP TalkRadio 980 AM of Lowell also set aside a half hour of programming for the new unit. During the prized "morning drive" time slot on Sept. 14, hosts George Anthes and John McDonough invited Nancy Burns, MRC Coordinator, to introduce the MRC and tell listeners about upcoming activities. The Boston Globe announced the WCAP appearance in their Talk of the Dial column that morning. In an e-mail sent the next day, McDonough wrote that the MRC "has unimaginable life-saving potential; your mission is a very necessary one."

Several newspapers have either run their own angles or are planning to cover the MRC, including the Tewksbury Town Crier and Tewksbury Advocate. Two issues of Tyngsboro's Neighbor to Neighbor newsletter (August and September) are announcing the Information Sessions. The Westford Eagle has posted meeting notices, with a full MRC story in progress. Most of the local cable TV stations are running ongoing announcements of the Information Sessions, with another half-hour show planned for Dracut in early October. Stay tuned for more!

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