Fall Clinics 2010

Our busy members went from a series of Preparedness Month activities straight into flu clinic season. Clinics using our MRC volunteers were successful across the region. (See table below and photos at end of this page.) Thanks to each member for providing such wonderful service!

Flu Clinics Requesting UMV MRC Through 2010
The first clinic of season to be supported by our members took place on October 19, inoculating 450 residents. Many thanks to our 9 volunteers who filled all positions requested.
A second clinic was added for the morning of November 6, at Town Hall. All 11 staffing requests were filled, and 356 residents were inoculated.
The town's first clinic of the season took place on October 19, supported by 21 UMV MRC volunteers, inoculating 1038 residents.
A second clinic was held on November 5, with volunteers serving from 12:30 to 6 p.m. All 17 staffing requests were filled, and 300 residents were inoculated.
A final clinic of the season took place on November 18. All 12 requests (for admins only) were filled, and 176 residents were inoculated.
Two clinics were held on November 10. All 7 staffing requests were filled, and 136 residents were vaccinated.
At the town-wide clinic on November 16, all 3 staffing requests (for nurses only) were filled, and 130 residents were inoculated.
October 21 -- All 14 requests for MRC volunteers were filled, and 439 residents were inoculated.
October 26 -- All 13 requests for volunteers were filled. Residents received 401 flu and 5 pneumonia inoculations.
November 2 -- All 20 requests for volunteers were filled. Nurses provided 423 flu vaccinations (including 29 mists) and 3 for pneumonia.
November 3 -- All 14 requests were filled. Nurses administered 207 flu vaccinations (including 15 mists) and 3 for pneumonia.
November 10 -- All 11 requests were filled, and 150 were inoculated.
November 12 -- All 10 requests were filled, and 60 were inoculated.
November 30 -- All 20 requests have been filled. At this final clinic of the season, nurses administered 207 injections and 34 mists, for a total of 241 influenza vaccinations.


At one of the clinics supported by our unit this season, two members helped calm a local resident before inoculation.


UMV MRC members supported a recent clinic by greeting residents, helping with registration, filling syringes, and providing inoculations.



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