National and Regional Outlooks

The network of MRCs across the nation is comprised of nearly 1000 local units. You may be encouraged to learn about the high level of respect and appreciation our overall program is receiving from national and regional leadership. Read the four-page letter that invites you to:

1. Discover how productive our combined local units have been this year across the United States and its protectorates.
2. Learn about six major initiatives that MRCs have been promoting to save lives and serve their communities.
3. Acknowledge those who work quietly behind the scenes to empower the MRC, NACCHO, and its affilates to maintain our effectiveness.
4. Recognize how deeply the MRCs are appreciated across New England.
5. Link to an MRC monthly Well Check Webinar recorded on December 5, in which MRC leaders discuss public health, preparedness and response.

Our own unit was represented in a monthly webinar about Community Events this summar, and will do so again on January 9, 2018! Contact the UMV MRC Coordinator for the link with which to watch the live broadcast.





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