Record-Breaking Statistics for Q2 2017!

Our members were at their most productive ever from September 9 through early December in 2017. Please accept our deep gratitude for all that you do! Read the four-page summary that invites you to:

1. Welcome our newest volunteers
2. Thank those who contributed the 'Top Ten' number of hours this season
3. Acknowledge the number of vaccination clinics at which our unit served across the region
4. Celebrate the wide range of festivals, classes, call-outs, and other activities that engaged so many of our diverse members and affiliates
5. Savor the kind words from our response partners and counterparts about our contributions throughout the Upper Merrimack Valley

This season we set a new participation record. In just over ten weeks — from 9/9 through 11/21 —155 members and affiliates supported 40 events! (Last year, 154 members supported 47 events over six months.) We also shattered our stats for a specific activity. At this year's Yankee Doodle Homecoming Weekend on 9/16, a whopping 243 children participated in a Let's Move! activity to combat childhood obesity. Our MRC liaison at the MA Dept. of Public Health, Liz Foley, recently commented, "Your unit seems to run like a well-oiled machine." Our next challenge: How can we top this success next year?

We hope that each of you enjoys a delightful holiday season! Thanks so much for your hard work on behalf of the unit. Be sure to share the good news with your friends and colleagues who might be interested in what we do — and who may even want to join us in 2018!





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