Training Day 11/8/14: Spectrum of Care

Our seventh Training Day on November 8, 2014 was possibly our best to date. Once again we thank the Middlesex Community College Program on Homeland Security for hosting this special event. Ninety-four participants shared the day with us. The common thread was that each session provided skills that extended across the breadth and depth of our services. See the final program here. We were particularly honored to have two high-caliber physicians providing the keynote address and plenary session. In addition, we are grateful for the subject-matter experts who delievered the six afternoon sessions. See the speaker bios here.

Watch our three-minute Training Day Tribute here, which thanks our participants.

Donations of breakfast items and contributions of raffle prizes made this event financially viable as well as fun. The purchase of raffle tickets was entirely optional. We are thankful to Olympia Sports and Petco for providing items for all participants. The wide range of prizes were both generous and tantalizing, with a high probability of winning because so many vendors had contributed. Most important: the raffle defrayed our expenses by a record $540!

Please consider patronizing our thoughful contributors, and extend our deepest appreciation for their support of our major training event of the year, which made Training Day possible. See the links below for details:

Corporate sponsors & contributors Host facility and financial donors
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This year Dr. Paul Biddinger offered they keynote, and Dr. Robert Sheridan delivered the plenary. These presentations were followed by a lively Q&A session.

UMV MRC Director Sandy Collins welcomes the first speakers, doctors Biddinger and Sheridan, who shared their experiences from international disaster responses. Interested participants were able to purchase raffle tickets during the networking sessions and on breaks from the plenary events, to offset costs for holding this annual event.

The lunch hour was both festive and informative. UMV MRC Director Sandy Collins, RN, presented general updates on the unit and thanked our members for another successful year. Coordinator Nancy Burns, EMT-B, shared additional comments about the unit's progress.

The group also welcomed Terry Downes, Esq, host of the event. In his role as Director of MCC's Program on Homeland Security, Downes emphasized the value of preparedness in our shared responsibility to monitor and respond to threats against public safety.

Terry Downes joins the attendees in welcoming affiliates of the UMV MRC: Middlesex Community College nursing students and representatives
from other MRCs and response organizations.
Downes gave a lunchtime presentation about the partnership between the MRC and MCC,
and our shared concerns about threats to public safety.

The afternoon provided two one-hour modules with three concurrent classroom sessions:

Mal Allard, LN
Challenging Alzheimer's Behaviors
Dr. Shamaila Khan
Psychological First Aid -- I and II
Terry Stader, KA8SCP
Radio Communications
Lance Mason, EMT/FF
Compassionate Care for Autism
Liisa Jackson, PSS
Social Media in Disasters

Attendees in the afternoon enjoyed small classroom environments in which to learn more about the care of those with Autism and Alzheimer's, how to operate radios and social media in disasters, and both basic and advanced levels of providing Psychological First Aid.

Dr. Shamaila Khan gave presentations on basic and advanced Psychological First Aid. After providing her first module on the foundations of PFA, she gave a second talk about Resiliency. This advanced session offered a range of techniques and characteristics that helped her patients who had been victims of the Boston Marathon bombing overcome the traumatic impact of this event.
Liisa Jackson explained how various forms of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, can be essential tools in providing communications during a disaster, as well as for the ongoing need to share information.






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