Members of the UMV MRC Advisory Council can be extremely effective spokespersons on behalf of our unit, even at unexpected times. As one of four members to staff our booth at the Chelmsford Volunteer Fair this spring, Rene Allen offered an impromptu summary of the MRC when the town's cable TV stopped by to offer each exhibit at the fair one minute of air time.


UMV MRC Presentation to the Chelmsford, MA. Board of Selectmen, October 6th, 2014

Your UMV MRC leaders had also offered to gather photos from their counterparts across the United States this spring, to create a special MRC 10th anniversary slide show. The resulting video was made possible by two critical partnerships:

1. Zac Cataldo and BCP (Black Cloud Productions) provided original music selections.

2. Dr. Mitchell Shuldman, Head of the Division of Media Services at U.Mass Lowell, compiled the photos, music, and captions into the final piece.

We thank both contributors and their organizations for their artistry and willingness to contribute their time and expertise towards this project.

Click here to see the six-minute video!

The video was displayed on the first day of the annual Integrated Summit. Note the special effects of an 'optical move' during the slide show, displayed on large screens flanking the stage. Attendees applauded at the end, enjoying the opening of a lunchtime program that was dedicated to acknowledging the efforts of the MRC throught its first decade of service.

Hundreds of attendees watched the MRC 10th anniversary slide show that
the UMV MRC Director and Coordinator had offered to produce.

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