Volunteer for Upcoming Events!

Our unit has been invited to participate in the annual Wellness Fair in Chelmsford on Friday, March 5. There will be a need for medical volunteers to help with cholesterol screening, tetanus shots, and blood pressures. Non-medical members can help with registrations and sharing health literature. If interested, please call the coordinator (Nancy Burns) at 978-399-2549 or send e-mail to nburns@westfordma.gov.

Please revisit this page for updates. Meanwhile, we thank those of you who have served your community through your involvement in flu clinics this season!

Recap of Flu Clinics -- 9/22/09 to 2/11/10

We are grateful to our many members who volunteered hundreds of hours this season to fill all requests for support, at clinics across the Upper Merrimack Valley. (Special appreciation to those who completed the optional MDPH vaccinator refresher training, to boost their skills for providing H1N1 and seasonal influenza inoculations.) In addition, members had signed up to help at numerous clinics (no longer listed), which were postponed when expected deliveries of vaccines were delayed. See the table below for details.

Completed and rescheduled clinics; thanks for your help!
October 13 and 17 clinics inoculated 650 residents.
The clinic on December 19 was expanded shortly beforehand to include H1N1 as well as seasonal flu shots, so about 90 percent came for the H1N1. Thanks in part to a reverse 9-1-1 announcement, 1500 residents were vaccinated!
The H1N1clinic on January 23 inoculated 710 Billerica residents.
October 8 clinic inoculated 850 high-risk residents. The clinic on November 12 inoculated 350 residents in less than an hour! The H1N1 clinic on December 3 vaccinated 500 pre-registered children, ages 6 months to 18 years. There was a seasonal clinic that inoculated 400 residents on December 15. A seasonal flu clinic took place at the middle and high schools on December 17, inoculating 451 students from ages 11 to 18.
The first open H1N1 clinic on January 7 inoculated a whopping 1470 adult residents in four hours. Great work, volunteers!
The January 14 clinic was extended to include both pediatrics (3 to 5 p.m.) and adults (5 to 7 p.m.). A total of 525 residents were inoculated.
November 12 clinic was deferred; then Saints Memorial and Lowell General hospitals held clinics using their staff to inoculate children for H1N1.
A full day of H1N1 clinics on January 12 inoculated about 800 school children and adult residents.
A follow-up H1N1 clinic took place on February 9 at the Ryan School. Children who received their first dose on January 12 came by to complete the series. The clinic also served Tewksbury residents, so a total of 150 doses were provided.
An orientation session took place on November 30, for H1N1 clinics that were rescheduled into one event on December 5, inoculating 400 residents.
September 22 -- First major clinic of the fall. Inoculated 750 senior citizens and high-risk residents for seasonal flu and pneumonia.
October 6 -- First town-wide clinic; inoculated 650 residents.
Volunteers administered seasonal flu nasal spray to 750 students in Westford schools on Oct. 16, 20, 22, and 23. Vaccinated 284 municipal employees against seasonal flu on Nov. 4.
October 17 family clinic inoculated 100 residents against seasonal influenza.
November 14 clinic provided inoculations against seasonal flu (301) and the H1N1 virus (58 high-risk residents), as well as a pneumonia vaccination.
November 24 clinic inoculated 72 residents, and November 30 clinic provided 53 H1N1 inoculations to children and other qualified residents who had preregistered.
H1N1 clinics at Millennium School inoculated 136 high-risk residents on December 2 and 3.
Regional H1N1 clinic and Emergency Dispensing Site exercise took place on December 12 at Westford Academy, inoculating 791 area residents.
The town's last seasonal influenza clinic of 2009 took place at Millennium School on December 17, inoculating 154 local residents.
Two H1N1 clinics inoculated 115 people at Millennium School on December 18: pre-registered residents, and municipal employees (as DPH had just released most restrictions for eligibility).
The town's first open H1N1 clinic on January 7 inoculated nearly 600 residents in three hours! Another 134 were inoculated on January 12, followed by a clinic at Westford Academy on January 14 to inoculate 142 high school students.
The last three H1N1 clinics for the month took place at Millennium School, in which 79 were inoculated on January 20, and 416 were inoculated on January 21; another 141 were vaccinated with seasonal or H1N1 on January 26.
The final flu clinic of the season for our volunteers took place on February 11. With seasonal and H1N1 vaccinations, 83 residents received 103 inoculations.



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